Finally Lose the Weight (for Women over 35)

Learn the simple 3 step process for eating healthier and losing weight! 

Women are operating on a LOT of misinformation around the process to 
eat healthier & lose weight.

We think we have to diet and exercise to lose weight.

We think it will be too hard to eat healthy.

We think it sounds horrible to change our current eating habits.

But the opposite is true.

Eating healthier is easier than you think.

And it's the key to a more fun and more fulfilling life.

One where you can enjoy your food without dieting.

And this training will show you how!

This is a completely different process from anything else out there.

Because I don't sell products.

I don't sell exercise programs.

I simply sell you on a more fun and exciting future for yourself! 

One where you feel great everyday.

One where you are proud of yourself.

One where you are still enjoying food.

I simply coach women on a simple process to eating healthier (while still eating their favorite foods and treats!)

So, do you want to eat healthier?

If you do, I can help you! 

The typical weight loss advice wasn't working for me.

At age 35, I was obese and I stayed that way for four years. 

Once I started this 3 step process to eating healthier, I lost 60+ pounds.

After losing 60+ pounds, I jumped right in to helping other women.

I built my program quickly because I wanted to let other women know how this could work for them, too!

What if this could be simple?


  • ​ The 3 step process to healthier eating, feeling better, and losing weight. 
  • ​Why I encourage clients to keep a food journal (instead of counting calories or tracking carbs)
  • ​Creating your new, healthier and exciting lifestyle to enjoy life and feel better! 

Finally, see how eating healthier 
is fun and possible for you!

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