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When you Feel Your Focus Needs to Shift a bit
In my thirties I was very focused on career success.

That was my major priority.

I think for a lot women that’s pretty standard as well.

But I also know I kind of put all my eggs in one basket.

Basically I thought that by having a successful career I would feel fulfilled in all areas of my life...
7 things you DO NOT have to do to Lose Weight in The Weight Loss Jumpstart Program

1. You DO NOT have to give up your favorite foods.

2. You DO NOT have to eat salads all of the time.

3. You DO NOT have to shop at specialty food stores.
Creating a Vision for What you Want in 10 Years
The reason I thought of posting this is because this is the process I went through when I decided to go on my weight loss journey.

I was thinking of what kind of lifestyle I wanted to have in 10 years.

I wanted to feel healthy, be active and look youthful and I felt if I continued doing what I was doing…How was that going to happen?

Things had to turn around.

So if you’d like to do this visioning process yourself, then you can also ask yourself some questions…
Do You Know What is Amazing?
Deciding to eat healthier so you can lose weight and joining a program to start your journey is one of the most courageous things you could do.

Wait. I said courageous, not amazing...

But, yes, I'm getting to the amazing part.
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